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The Definitive Guide to Elo Boost in League of Legends

The League of Legends is a massive online strategy game which is based on the popular game of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). However, what makes it somehow advantageous over DOTA is the fact that it includes a ranking system wherein all players from all around the globe can find themselves ranking over each other. The system, which is called as ELO rating, is their means of determining how superior they are in terms of both skills and experience in the game.

How to boost your ELO

The thing is, increasing one’s own ELO ranking can be done in a couple of ways. Through this, playing with other experienced gamers who are located on the top tier can be made possible. Even if you are just a beginner, you can simply give your ELO rating a boost through these:

1. Last hitting – this method, as the name suggests, simply means that you have to land the last and finishing blow that will send your enemy champion or minions to the grave. Through this, you will be able to receive the bounty for the kill as well as the huge amount of experience that comes along with it. This will help you farm successfully and allow you to purchase more items quickly than your opponents.

2. Map awareness – to gain an elo boost , gaining full awareness of the map is indeed essential. Of course, you need to check your enemy champions from time to time to prevent possible gank attempts. Other than that, gaining map awareness will also give you an idea of which lanes to push and which ones to defend.


Your ELO ranking could depend upon how well you play the game, whether you act as a support type or a carry. Moreover, it can also be calculated upon how quick you are to farm and gather items as well as push through enemy lanes then bring the game to victory.

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Testing your Gaming Skills with Asteroids the Game

If you were born in the 80’s, then chances are, you have tested your gaming skills with the popular arcade game called Asteroids. Atari Inc. which was an American video game company developed and released Asteroids to the market which gained a lot of positive remarks both from occasional and as well as hardcore video game players.
Although there were many video games introduced during the 80’s, Asteroids has been branded as one of the top 10 games of the decade not only because of its variations but also because of the level of technicality and uniqueness of the game. In fact, the asteriods game was very popular since there were a lot of competitions with the said game. Every true blue 80’s kid has certainly enjoyed and spent hours on this game. Because of the extreme popularity of the game, many arcade owners have made sure that they install larger boxes to hold the coins and ensure that will not spill over.

The objective of the game
Asteroids the game was created by Lyle Rains while Dominic Walsh and Ed Logg programmed and designed the game. The game was so popular that it became Atari Inc.’s best selling game and has exceeded the fame and sales of most of the games that they have launched. The main objective of the game is for the player to achieve a high number of points by eliminating asteroids or boulders and as well as destroying flying saucers. The player must also make sure not to get hit by these flying objects and also not to get hit by the counter fire from the flying saucers. The player must be able to expertly manoeuvre the space ship to gain points and to proceed to the next level. The game also features a hyperspace wherein the space ship can disappear and after a few seconds appear in any random area of the screen.

Players must be very careful when going to hyperspace because their ship might appear in an area where it can collide with any of the flying objects.

10 Life Lessons Learned From Best Minesweeper Games

Not all games are amusing especially if those games are more of violent and provoking actions. Some games are boring and time-wasting but other games are life-learning. Just like best minesweeper games, it teaches every individual about life and living. It shows determination and perseverance to clear hindrances that blocks every step of your way to the road of success. But, then again here are 10 life lessons learned on minesweeper games.

  1. Good things are always keeping you doing better things. Minesweeper has four levels; beginner, intermediate, average and custom. In real life, a person is always challenged to do good things to level-up status in life.
  2. There are no tricks to be successful once you get started. In minesweeper, there are no shortcuts to clear the entire grid. You have to randomly pick the space and find the openings.
  3. Circumstances are always around to test your skills and ability.
  4. Most of the situations like minesweeper challenges, you will really fail if you don’t have the knowledge to play it same as your path, you will eventually fail if you are not aware of your consequences.
  5. Every situation has a purpose same as minesweeper, every design and character has a rule.
  6. All things are interconnected.
  7. Understanding the entire concept.
  8. No matter what level you are in minesweeper, there is always someone who is a better player than you. In life, no matter how successful you are, there is always someone who exceeds better than you.
  9. Sometimes small decisions resulting into bigger trouble. In minesweeper, you choose to do little moves but the end result was dead end.
  10. Recovery after failure. Just like minesweeper, each time you lose, you have to start all over again.

As a personal point of view, no matter what game you are playing, there is always a lesson to learn.      For more details, go here

Phink TV: How to Produce High Quality Videos

Understanding the facts about High Definition Quality

High quality videos are also called high definition videos. If you are going to use your cell phone camera to capture a video, you will end up with blurry and rough images. The motion is not clearly defined and the images and sound are not so clear. In other words you get the lowest quality. High definition video means that it has a display resolution of 1280×720 pixels or 1920×1080. This means that the pixels on the video are small and very fine that it can produce clear and realistic images and scenes.

The use of quality materials and gadgets

In the market, when you want to buy a material or a video camera for you video production, the principle is simple. The more expensive a video camera is the more you can be guaranteed of its high quality, but if your video camera is cheap then you can expect less quality. The Phink TV can provide you the most modern and sophisticated movie equipments. They have high definition professional video cameras that can produce smooth images or moving images to the people. So in order to produce quality videos, you must really squeeze your budget to buy expensive video cameras.

The cost of HD video production

When comes to the cost, you can visit their website and you can find the standard cost for their services. You must remember always that the higher the quality of your video, the more it becomes expensive. But you must also remember that a smooth and clear quality Video Production companies  is very appealing. It helps attracts people to watch your produced video. These can be done with help of professional and experienced video producers. This is their line of work so you can expect them to have nothing but the best facility and equipment in order to produce quality results.

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Strategic Game Plan: Effective Way to Succeed in Minecraft

Utilizing strategic designs and smart decisions, Minecraft free game can be successfully played. This game, even without clear objectives, needs proper plans to attain the goals set by the active player. This is more applicable to Survival mode as there are hostile creatures to defeat and structures to defend.  If decisions were done incorrectly, the player’s character may die or his/her structures may crumble down. But if the correct strategic planning was used, positive results will be the product: finished buildings, well-defended structures, victorious fights and many more. These activities in this online game give suspense elements as the game progresses.

What is The Proper Planning?

To ensure a productive and exciting game, one must use the following points:

  • Have a good start.

Establish defensive structures to guard the creatures and buildings in the village made. The guard system should be solidly placed around the village. Each defensive structure particularly covers an area of defense or attack.

  • Craft the best weapons.

Do not just make a weapon because it has good looks or because every player brandishes it as his/her product. Instead, consider the usability and effectivity of the weapon in fighting and defending.

  • Mine effectively.

Use the debug screen and dig on different sites like the bedrock until the Y11 layer is found. This is the best place to have an unyielding mining area.

  • Know when to strike.

Do not just attack indiscriminately. Attack with a purpose whether you need to drive away hostile creatures or expand your land.

Strategies in any game cut the painful possibilities of defeat and poor game experience. Outstanding games are products of good start, hard labor, maximized resources and wise game plans. With smart decisions in this premier online game, a success story of the game will follow and will end with a good note.For more details, go here

Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft

Because this indie game is really becoming to be one of the most entertaining and exciting game played by many users, here is a brief overview about the said game. The main activity of this game is actually building blocks making use of different materials such as stones, ores, water, dirt, trunks, gold, and many others. Your avatar can freely move around different areas like caves, mountains, and even in the bodies of water. Your avatar will experience different climates in this game; he can be in the dessert where of course the climate is very hot or in the snowy areas where he will be freezing.

Understand the instruction

Because Minecraft is all about surviving for you to level up, it is important that you will carefully read every detail of its instruction and understand at the same time. In such a way, while you are already controlling your avatar, you are already familiar with all the things that you can do for your avatar to survive. This can really be addicting especially if you are already very skilled and know all the special things that you can do for your game to be more thrilling and exciting. There are some ways for you to skip those boring routines like making use of the Stargate if you know how it works.

It is natural to be hooked with this game

Since this game is the most played game lately, for sure it is understandable if you will also get hooked with this. It is really fun seeing that you can control your avatar whatever you want it to do, planning for some strategies to defeat those monsters that will always be pestering you at night, and gathering some foods as your sustenance for the taxing activities at night. When it comes to challenges, this game is the best, thus if you don’t have an account yet, be sure to find a way to get one.Click here to know more about this

Minecraft Download – A Different Form of Art

In college, there exists such subject that makes students more aware of the different forms of arts – it is Introduction to Humanities. Art is the exercise of human skill ( From various activities such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, drama, literature, and digital art, anyone can freely choose which field he wants to explore where he can excel more depending on his interest and capability. Some were blessed with talent from the beginning while some were harnessed as time pass by. Nonetheless, they are all artists who eventually become professionals.

How Minecraft Stimulates-Minecraft download    joins the list. Why? It is because Minecraft is a game that will somehow test your ability. At first it would seem nothing but as you continue to go on, you will learn that it is pretty much exciting for it won’t only be your application of what you have learned, it will also entertain you if you don’t have anything to do.

Its goal is simple and yet it is amazing and beautiful. Your ideas are what will fuel the game. Minecraft is a game for people who know how to start on scratch while aiming to survive, to progress, and to explore of course, the most important of all, to build.

As you forward day in and day out, it will be your first construction that will bring the fulfilling sense of achievement. It was made with your effort and hard work and it is natural to feel that it was worth it. The bottom-line of this game is the joy that creation brings to people who really loves art. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” This allows you to appreciate what you have done and what you have accomplished. Discover the wonderful world of Minecraft in the internet now and see how you can improve your game experience.Click here to know more about this