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Experiences You Get From Cartoon Games

September 6, 2013

Each game genre has its own strengths. Games are played for different reasons. Strategy games are played for its planning and tactics that players can employ on the games. Turn-based role playing games are played by players who wish to feel that sort of experience that they are in an epic battle. And for shooting games, people play it to feel like they are shooting the guns themselves. And cartoon games also have different reasons as to why people play them. And these different reasons are quite unique to cartoon games.

Be in the cartoon world yourself

By playing cartoon games, you feel like or have the experience of feeling like you’re in the cartoon world yourself. You can see most of the characters that were in the cartoon series or show for that particular game. You would then play as the protagonist and do things the protagonist would do. For a cartoon game that features a beloved action character, you will also get to fight like that certain character. Be able to use the techniques he or she uses when fighting or the powers he or she has. When you play cartoon games, one of the great joys you would feel or experience is that you can also be able to affect the world in some way.

Play as the enemy

Another great experience that you can get when playing cartoon games is that you can play as the enemy. Some cartoon games have antagonists or villains who are just adorable. A lot of fans of some cartoon series have their own favourite villain whom they wish would sometimes succeed over the protagonists. But if the show doesn’t show these kinds of scenes, then you might be able to see it and experience it in cartoon games. This is because in cartoon games, you can play as either character you wish. And if you play as the enemy, you might be surprised as to the storyline that you would be taking.

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