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10 Life Lessons Learned From Best Minesweeper Games

June 5, 2013

Not all games are amusing especially if those games are more of violent and provoking actions. Some games are boring and time-wasting but other games are life-learning. Just like best minesweeper games, it teaches every individual about life and living. It shows determination and perseverance to clear hindrances that blocks every step of your way to the road of success. But, then again here are 10 life lessons learned on minesweeper games.

  1. Good things are always keeping you doing better things. Minesweeper has four levels; beginner, intermediate, average and custom. In real life, a person is always challenged to do good things to level-up status in life.
  2. There are no tricks to be successful once you get started. In minesweeper, there are no shortcuts to clear the entire grid. You have to randomly pick the space and find the openings.
  3. Circumstances are always around to test your skills and ability.
  4. Most of the situations like minesweeper challenges, you will really fail if you don’t have the knowledge to play it same as your path, you will eventually fail if you are not aware of your consequences.
  5. Every situation has a purpose same as minesweeper, every design and character has a rule.
  6. All things are interconnected.
  7. Understanding the entire concept.
  8. No matter what level you are in minesweeper, there is always someone who is a better player than you. In life, no matter how successful you are, there is always someone who exceeds better than you.
  9. Sometimes small decisions resulting into bigger trouble. In minesweeper, you choose to do little moves but the end result was dead end.
  10. Recovery after failure. Just like minesweeper, each time you lose, you have to start all over again.

As a personal point of view, no matter what game you are playing, there is always a lesson to learn.      For more details, go here


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