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Games for Kids using Mathematics

February 22, 2013

Mathematics is a challenge among several kids even before. Parents are finding ways on how to improve their child’s understanding on numbers and other related lesson in mathematics. Apart from studying, you can introduce mathematical games to your child so that he will learn how to deal with different mathematical problems, whether at school or in real life.

Counting Food

You can give your child pieces of large beans or a number of apples for them to count. You may tell them it is a game without mentioning that they are already doing math. This is fun for kids, which is why you should make the most out of this game for your kids to learn how to count.

Grocery Games

When you bring your child out to the grocery shop, you can play games for kids with him along the way. You can ask him to count the number of people you pass by and you can teach him to add and subtract as you pick the ingredients for your family meal.

Online Math Games

When it comes to math games on the internet, here are the following tips:
 Make sure that the game is child-friendly. Some games may be intended for children but are not really useful in helping your child learn.
 Choose games that are colorful or musical. Children will enjoy the game better if they see bright colors or hear fun and entertaining sounds on the background.
 Supervise your child while playing. He may click on something on the computer or the internet that is not appropriate for his age. He might also be led to a site where he will find many games that will take his mind off from his current game.

Mathematics can be fun for your child, especially if you learn it with him. Developing his interest in this subject will benefit him as he grows older.

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