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Stardoll Cheats: How to Cheat on the Stardoll

December 28, 2012

Although Stardoll hardly seems like the kind of game you’d need to cheat for… after all, it’s a paper doll game that lets you mix and match clothes as well as customize it to your heart’s content, like a virtual Barbie doll of sorts… there is a way to gain freebies or unlock hidden bonuses via Stardoll cheats that will certainly maximize your enjoyment of the game. But first, here’s a bit of background. Stardoll is a highly successful 2004 game that’s patronized by over 200,000 unique users every month in 2009 and over 200,000,000 users worldwide.

Why It’s Okay to Cheat at Stardoll

• Stardoll isn’t a game of skill or memorization. You’re not there to finish the game to see an ending, kill any enemies, level up your characters, fight until you score a knockout, visit a sandbox environment wherein you have free range to do anything you want, or score high points. It’s an artsy, creative game that rewards you with Starpoints, Stardollars, and Starcoins every minute you spend there. It’s more about mixing and matching than winning.

• Stardoll is a means for you to play dress-up, and dress-up doesn’t involve you having to “win” the game. Like MMORPGs, it’s more about the virtual experience, interacting with other users, and expressing yourself through art. Ergo, it can be quite limiting to get only a few Starpoints, Stardollars, and Starcoins you need to unlock the rest of the game and maximize your fun. You’ll get to acquire more customization options by collecting those items in your inventory.

• Therefore, by downloading the program at and indicating how many Starpoints, Stardollars, and Starcoins you want in your account, you’ll be able to enjoy your time in Stardoll more without having to do busywork or spending every waking hour dressing up your virtual paper dolls with limited clothing options until more of this digital currency falls on your lap.

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