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November 19, 2012


How Online Flash Games Are Made

One ordinary day, a famous search engine decided to use a playable Pac man on their logo. Causing users who visited the site staying more than a few seconds than they normally would do because of the game. This is a good example of an online flash game. This type of game is played with the use of a browser unlike programmed games which has to be downloaded before it can be played.


Online Flash Games : How They Are Made


The process of creating a flash game begins by conceptualizing what the game will be. This includes the originality of the game or what it brings to the table. You could try spinning a classic game and add modern touch. Create seasonal games or have a game which has been based on contemporary times.


If you are creating a multi – level game, then gauge the rise of the difficulty with each level. If your game is too easy even if it has reach the later levels then it would be too boring for your players. Make sure to keep your players hooked by having challenging and exciting levels of difficulty. Give your players a goal when playing the game. This gives them a reason to keep on with the game in order to fulfill this goal.


Know your basic physics.  Most of today’s flash games are loved because of how predictable and simple the game is. They are likely to follow simple science know how like the push and pull phenomenon, or the physics of using a bow and arrow.


You could say that the graphics and how it is presented is important for any forms of a game. The colors should follow the theme. Have a user interface which makes it easy to navigate around and has readable fonts. To accompany the graphics, use background music or sound that matches it. If you are using a fast tuned sound and your game has a dark theme going on, then won’t it be unbalanced?


Lastly, have a name that is catchy and interesting. Many of today’s games have caught the attention of many because of its name.


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