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Angry Birds Are Everywhere

September 28, 2012

The beauty behind the Rovio Mobile game of Angry Birds is how easy it is to play it. If you’ve ever played PC games like Scorched Earth or Gorillas (also known as gorilla.bas), then the concept is similar. You’ll be given the opportunity to shoot projectiles at the enemy while gauging the proper distance of each shot (in this case, the projectiles are the titular Angry Birds themselves). The fewer birds you use up in order to go from level to level, the higher your star rank. This ranking system is one of the most addictive aspects of Angry Birds.

Why Is Angry Birds so Popular?

Unlike Gorillas or Scorched Earth, you don’t need to input the estimated angle and velocity of your projectile. Instead, you’ll either drag with your finger or your mouse a slingshot then move it around in order to gauge the angle by which the Angry Birds will travel. With that said, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Online was able to become so hugely popular when compared to its contemporaries. There are several possible reasons for this that one can postulate, such as:

1. Angry Birds is a simple game that can be played by anyone regardless of age or skill level, which is something it has in common among other popular and simple games like Pac-Man or Tetris.
2. Angry Birds feature mascots that are quite marketable as well, so it’s not only the game that’s gaining popularity, but also its characters.
3. The franchise potential of Angry Birds cannot be denied, and it’s already a major merchandising giant when it comes to t-shirts, plush toys, key chains, mouse pads, and the like.
4. It’s not limited to a particular demographic, so anyone can pick it up and play it without regard to preferences and demands for higher resolution graphics.
5. It can be played anywhere and anytime on most all the major smartphone platforms out there.
6. It’s quite playable on the touchscreen, as though it were specifically developed for it.
7. It could also be played with a mouse.


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